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UK Winter Is Here: A Cost-Effective Guide To Prepare Your Home: Part 2

Long-term insulation solutions

Sometimes, in order to save money, you have to invest up front in your home. These solutions may be pricier, but they can result in much greater savings on your heating bills. Invest and prepare your home for Winter, and you’ll feel the difference.

Upgrade your boiler

Boilers older than 10 years are generally less efficient than modern counterparts. Upgrading to a new condensing boiler can prevent fuel wastage and lead to substantial energy savings. While installing a new boiler can be expensive, numerous financing options are available, making it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Consider wall insulation to best prepare your home for Winter

Wall insulation is another way to save money and maximise energy efficiency. The choice of insulation depends on whether you have cavity or solid walls. Cavity walls are more cost-effective to insulate and can save you up to £250 per year. On the other hand, solid wall insulation is pricier, with costs exceeding £4,000 for thermally efficient expanded polystyrene (EPS) boards or plasterboard. However, the savings are impressive, up to £460 per year.

Increase your roof and loft insulation

Inadequate roof and loft insulation can lead to a 40% heat loss. The specific fix depends on your roof type—sloping roof, flat roof, or dormer roof. If no loft insulation is in place, consider using rock wool or fiberglass insulation with a depth of 270mm. This can result in annual savings of around £350 for a detached house, with an installation cost of about £395. Remember to leave a gap below your water tank to prevent freezing in a cold loft.

For flat roofs, you can install mineral wool or polyurethane layers to retain heat in your home. If you have sloping roofs, polyurethane spray foams or cut-to-size wool or fiberglass insulation can do the trick. Whichever method you choose, avoid leaving gaps in your insulation for an effectively warm loft.

Install better floor insulation

Don’t forget the floor! In the average home, about 10% of heat loss occurs through the floor. Older homes with ‘suspended floors’ are especially vulnerable, as heat dissipates into empty spaces. The solution is to lift the floorboards and lay mineral wool insulation or blanket-style insulation, supported by netting. This can save up to £120 per year for a detached home after an initial investment of £300 to £700. In more modern homes with concrete floors, rigid floor insulation can be installed for around £900, resulting in savings of £35 to £95 annually.

Replace your windows with double glazing

Double glazing, with its inert gas-filled or vacuum-sealed glass panes, is a potent ally against heat transfer. While it can be a substantial initial expense, it pays off in the long run by reducing heating costs.

It’s essential to note that options may be limited for older and listed buildings, so it’s wise to consult a local council planning officer before taking action. If double glazing isn’t feasible for you right now, consider secondary glazing as a lower-cost, temporary alternative. It involves installing a glass or plastic pane parallel to the window, providing a modest but helpful reduction in heat loss.

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