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UK Winter Is Here: A Cost-Effective Guide To Prepare Your Home: Part 1

As the dark nights quickly roll in, It’s that time of year again to prepare your home for winter. Not only will you want to be cozy and warm, but you’ll also want to ensure your living space is energy-efficient. Heating your home in the winter months does not have to cost an arm and a leg. We’ve got plenty of cost-effective solutions for you to try.

Every home is unique, but whether your home is old or a new build, here’s a staggering fact: on average, 59% of the heat in UK homes escapes through the walls and roofs. That’s no small amount! So, let’s dive into the essential steps for finding the best ways to retain the warmth in your property, whether it’s draught-proofing, cavity wall insulation, or double glazing.

In this guide, we’ll pinpoint the key areas to focus on, provide budget-friendly ways to cut your heating bills, and assess the yearly savings you could achieve by following our tips.

Budget-friendly ways to keep your home warm

Draught-proof your home

On average, draught-proofing can save you £10 to £50 annually on heating bills. Plus, draught-free homes feel much more comfortable at lower temperatures, which can save an additional 10% on heating costs, to prepare your home for Winter.

Start by sealing areas where pipes exit your home, gaps around electrical fixtures, the loft hatch, and ceiling-to-wall joints. Consider installing draught excluders for doors. Enhance window insulation with thermal curtains or resealing, while making sure not to block necessary vents.

Change your curtains or blinds

Another efficient way to keep your home warm is by swapping your curtains or blinds for thicker, thermal options. Be sure to close them as the day turns into night to retain heat. With various choices available, upgrading your curtains or blinds is an easy way to ensure your house stays warm.

Rearrange your furniture to prepare your home for Winter

Having furniture pressed against radiators hampers warm air circulation, making heating your home ineffective. Shifting your furniture and other objects away from radiators allows hot air to flow freely, giving you more bang for your buck and making the heat more noticeable.

Insulate your pipework

Another notorious trouble spot is your heating system, where heat tends to escape from pipes and tanks before it even begins warming your home. To prepare your home for Winter, insulate your pipes with affordable pipe lagging, which can be easily found at DIY stores. Cut it to the right length, wrap it around the pipes, and secure the joints with tape. Just ensure the depth of the lagging suits the pipe’s size. If you have a warm water tank, cover it with a heatproof jacket. For an added boost, increase your radiator’s efficiency by installing reflectors behind them.

Invest in a Smart thermostat

Smart thermostats are a cost-effective way to maintain warmth in your home. They let you set room temperatures as needed, and they’re pretty handy since they can connect to various electronic devices through apps. This feature allows you to control your heating more precisely, saving money. Setting heating timers becomes a breeze with smart thermostats, preventing you from running your heating all the time, which is a more cost-effective approach.

Fit carpets with underlay

For a budget-friendly option that significantly improves floor insulation, consider fitting carpets with underlay. If you’re moving into a new house or planning a larger renovation, you can opt for thermal insulation installed beneath the floors. On a smaller budget, plugging any draughty holes in the floor and adding rugs can also help improve the heating situation in your home.

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